Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I knew i should have brought more of these nail polishes from the new Sally Hanson collection! Why i hear you ask? Well firstly the colours are beautiful! And the brushes are AMAZING! Because they are not like your standed normal nail polish brushes, they are flat instead of being round

I tried to get a good picture of the brush, its amazing how much more control you have with it being flat, i love this kind of brush!!

And the colour? Its beautiful! In the shade 'Purple Pulse' Its a lovely purple with a little shimmer and a blue undertone. I have had quite a few comments about my nails, so far!!


  1. What a stunning colour of nail polish, and so perfectly applied. i'm already thinking of lilac apparel i could colour coordinate with it including lingerie. Does the Sally Hanson collection feature a matching lipstick? Love that colour.

  2. I really love that colour! I much prefer a flat brush too. x

  3. Ooh what a pretty colour your nails look amazing!