Monday, 24 May 2010

Project 10 Pan


I have finally make the big choice and said to myself, 'STOP Sinead, your make-up is getting WAY out of control'. It was really hard to admit that to myself (sad i know). But I've just got to stop buying make-up it's silly!

So I'm going to do Project 10 Pan, and i WILL finish it!

Here are a few thing's that i will finish up 1st:-
MAC's Studio Finish Concealer
Loreal Studio Secrets Primer
MAC's Creme De Nude Lipstick (which is totally battered lol)
Maybelline Lipstick in 'Pink Pearl'
NYX Sheer Gloss Lip gloss in 'Sweet Dream'

This is going to be hard, i know that! But i will not buy any make-up apart from 2 thing's, my concealer and foundation when i run out!! NOTHING else, and if i do slap me please? ;)

Who's with me?
Are you/have you done Project 10 pan? How's/How'd it go!?
Let me know!!!


  1. Good luck I really need to do this too! XO

  2. Yes do it!! We can do it together!! x

  3. I am with you too! We can do this!!