Friday, 26 November 2010

MAC's Cham-Pale Collection Promo Picture


I was looking at upcoming MAC collection's and this collection caught my eye, well the promo picture did!

It's actually quite scary don't get me wrong I think it's done really well, how the girl's wearing her flesh coloured dress (even if you can see her nipple), a highly contoured face, nude nails and the NO EYEBROWS! That's the part that scares me.. she look's like she wants to kill us! RUN!

What are your thoughts on this upcoming collection's promo picture?


  1. I think it's cool and represents the collection well. I like the gold in the background :) But your right, she does look abit like she's gonna kill us! haha x

  2. @Diamond yes, it does really suit the collection! She coming to get us!! Ahhhhh