Saturday, 20 March 2010


Hiya! ♥

I done a swap with Kristy, check out her blog if you havent all ready!
And one of the items she sent me was china glaze for audrey, it is a beauty minty blue/green colour!!

I have never tried China Glaze nail polishes before, and OMG they are amazing!!!! Really happy with it, all you needed was one coat!

What are you wearing on your nails today!?

Monday, 15 March 2010

Highlighter's and Contour's - Cheap VS Expensive

Hiya :)!!

So you may or may not know, but for months and months i have always raved over Benefit's 10 Highlight and Contour duo, because it is truly AMAZING!

But a while ago Sleek brought out a contour kit, which is a contour and a highlight, i brought it but never really used it because i have Benefit's 10, one day i used it, and ever since Benefit's 10 has been pushed to the back of my stash!

So lets compare.

I actually like the Sleek highlighter better than the benefit one, as you can see, the sleek one is much more pigmented, its also a nicer colour it's more 'glowly', where's the Benefit one has tiny bits of glitter and not as 'glowly'. And for blending, they both blend pretty well, but it you blend the Benefit highlighter to much, you can't see it at all, and it doesnt do anything to the skin! So with that you have to be careful!

I always loved Benefit's contour shade in this duo, because it was PERFECT for my skin, it wasnt to dark nor to orange and it has a beautiful sheen to it.
Where's the sleek one is matte, it has no sheen, glitter or anything.. i dont know if i like that, it's quite easy to blend considering it is a matte.
But if your wearing a shimmery blush, you couldnt wear the Benefit 10 duo because you would look like a christmas tree, it would be to much shimmer and sheen, and that is NOT a good look! but aside that, i love the Benefit contour shade over sleek's!

So if you had Sleek's highlighter and Benefit's contour, it would be a truly amazing product!!
But if i had to pick, it would have to be Sleek's Contour Kit over Benefit's 10 duo anyday!!!! Also Sleek's contour kit is a fraction of the price!! So the drugstore product wins again!!

What would you pick!?


On the weekend, i went out for a meal with the family, to celebrate my birthday... which is on Thursday!
I'm going to be soo old, the big 19.... Haaha ;)

Well anyway, i went for a cute brown smokey look with cute lashes and perfect pink lips!

So heres what i used:-
MAC's studio finish concealer
Revlon's colourstay foundation (yuck i hate this but i need to use it up!)
MAC's MSF in light (pale girl!)
Smashbox blush in Smashing Plum
MAC's MSF in Soft and Gentle as a highlight!

MAC's soft force in my inner corners (LE e/s!)
MAC's all that glitters all over the rest of my eyes!
MAC's Woodwinked in my outta 'V'
MAC's pigment in Deep Brown in the crease!
Then some random matte colour for a highlight
Maybelline The falsies mascara
MAC's Blacktrack Fluidline to line my lash line
And Girls aloud lashes (Kimberley's)

MAC's Snob
NYX Sheer Gloss in Sweet Dream

Aveeno Hand Cream - My Mum Reviews :)

Hello :)!!

Meet my Mum :)

I was kindly sent Aveeno's hand cream to review, and my Mum offered to review it.. (she just wanted a free hand cream ;). So for the past month now she has been using it.

So my Mum has always suffered from dry hand's, Her job is quite harsh on her hands.. she work's with paper! So she is prone to papercut's.
So she is always on a look out for a hand cream that will protect her hand's.

So her task was to use this hand cream AT LEAST 2 time's a day and this was her 1st thoughts after a few day's:-

- Could have a better smell
- Was very soft and rubbed in well
- Leave's no greasy film, like other hand cream's.

So after about a month, there isnt a paper cut in sight!! She's really happy with this hand cream, and she will be re-purchasing it! I know what i can buy her for christmas now ;)

So what does Aveeno claim to do
Moisturises for 24 hours, last through hand washing

She say's it does last between hand washes, but not moistrises for 24 hours, maybe up to 7 hours?
But really that still isnt bad, it is very good for a hand cream!

All in all she has rated this a 8 out of 10
Her only negative comment would be the smell, it doesnt really have a smell and it would be awesome with a smell!

So if your looking for a hand cream that ACTUALLY works, check out Aveeno's Hand Cream!!

MAC's Snob is awesome!!


I'm in love with MAC's Snob!! And at the moment my favorite colour combo is.....
MAC's Snob with NYX's Sheer Gloss in 'Sweet Dream'

What they look like together:-

Incase you havent seen MAC's snob before (you SOO need too) it's a beautiful satin dusty pink, it's truly amazing!

What are your thought's on MAC's Snob??

What is your favorite lip combo at the moment?

What do you like to pair with MAC's Snob?

Sunday, 7 March 2010

St Patricks Day Make-up Sneak Preview!!!

So i create a St Patrick's day makeup look yesterday!! I will be uploading the tutorial hopefully tomorrow!!!
And i created this look using just the Coastal Scents 88 palette!
So keep your eyes peeled!!!

Have you got your St Patrick's day makeup sorted yet?! LMK what your going to be using!!!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Aussie Photoshoot!

So some of you may or may not know, but i'm one of the 'Aussie Angel's' and the next event was a photo shoot, and i was kinda scared at 1st, thinking, OMGGGG no ways i cant do that! But i ended up going, and i'm so glad i did!!! I had an awesome time!

I met some great people! A few, including :- Catherine from Perfectly Polished We also went shopping the next day!! Had an amazing day, thank you Catherine!
Emma from computer girl, shes lovely!!!
Even though we were all together for the whole day, i didnt get chance to speak to everyone! It was crazy! But it was lovely to meet you all! :)

Anyways, so me and Catherine walked in and we were greeted by Emma and Lisa from 1000 heads and given a drink etc! I then went to go and get my hair and make-up done, the hairdresser gave me a messy/curly side pony, it was cute!!
And i had super dramatic eyeshadow, i LOVED it!!

The photographer was great! He was sooo easy to work with, i was a little nerveous at first, but he made you feel so comfortable! So thank you Peter from Fotojenik!

They served some lovely food, and some cute Aussie cupcakes, come on, HOW CUTE PEOPLE!?!?

After the shoot we went out for dinner, and it was very posh! Hahah i couldnt read some of the menu, oh my the shame :/

Today came the proper photos from the shoot, and i'm really happy with how they turned out! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do something like this! It was truly wonderful, i'm very grateful!

Ok now for some photos!!!!!!

Me :)

A group shoot! I love this photo!

Close up!