Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wild Hydrating Body Butter

Howdy Beautiful!

Today I want to share with you something that helped with my Mum's eczema more than any prescription creams have done. I wish I could show you pictures but it's on her tummy and breasts and I don't think she would take kindly if I shown all my interweb friends that!

So we applied this every day for about 3 weeks religiously and it's worked a treat. The scent is not very nice some people may find it pleasant but it smells 'to natural' that's not a good description but hopefully you get an idea.

What Wild say about this body butter...
Guard against weather damage with the natural UV protective qualities of the Cape Chestnut seed, soothe and nourish with Aloe and Shea butter and complete with a calming blend of Rose Geranium and Roman Chamomile.

As you can tell it has a lot of hydrating properties such as shea butter, and the aloe also gives you a super soothing feeling for angry and distressed skin, such as eczema.

It's a super thick cream and goes a long way, I'm super pleased with this and for £15.50 on the MyWild wedsite it's not that bad seeing as it actually works in hydrating the skin!
Have you used this? Or if you have eczema I really do recommend you check this out!!!!

PR sample

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